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Li Dazhao Memorial Hall include exhibition and former residence, the exhibition hall is located in the new city region of Leting County of Hebei Province, Being approved by the central committee of the communist Party of China and Hebei provincial,the project was founded on August 18, 1996 and opened to the public on  August 16, 1997. Hu Jintao attended the ceremony, the exhibition hall covers an area of 130 mu, the area of structure is 8680 square meters which contain the main building(5200 square meters) and exhibition area (2250 square meters). The main parts to visit in Li Dazhao memorial hall are: Li Dazhaos life story exhibition, Li Dazhao Memorial forest of Steles, Li Dazhao honesty style, the former residence of Li Dazhao . Li Dazhao Memorial Hall for the vice level units,  National Museum of level two, has six of the rooms, respectively: office, Ministry of education, Ministry of red tourism development, landscape architecture department, security department, the former residence of Li Dazhao administration.
Li Dazhao Memorial has playing an enormous role in the patriotic education , especially after it was free of charge since 2008.There are about 1.5 million domestic and oversea tourists visit the museum every year and the amound is increasing.Until 2012,the total amount of audience reached 1.8 million, there have been more than 500 schools, institutions, communities established in Dazhao Memorial moral education base. The museum also organized propaganda teams to expand its influence in the public.The team also went to Peking University, Tsinghua University, Tianjin Political Management Institute and other institutions of higher learning and agencies, schools, barracks, communities, towns to propagandize the spirit of Li Dazhao.
Li Dazhao Memorial has been identified as one of the first one hundred patriotism education bases, one of the one hundred classic patriotism spot, one of the thirty patriotism tourist route,the national anti-corruption education base, the National Defense Education Demonstration base, Hebei Party education base, has been awarded the advanced unit of spiritual civilization, spiritual civilization unit, Hebei Province, Li Dazhao Memorial is a national 4A level scenic spots.

The former residence is located in the central of Da Heituo country in Leting county in Hebei province.It wa designed and supervised by Li Ruzhen who was Li Dazhaos grandfather in 1881.Li Ruzhen passed the imperial examination and got a official title of level nine.But he went to do business instead of the job in government after getting frustrated.He went northeastern Changchun, Wanbaoshan to do business.He bought dozens of area when he returned his hometown and became a relative rich family in his country.
The former residence of Li Dazhao faces to the south , 55.5 meters long from north to south, east-west width of 18.2 meters, covers an area of 1010.1 square meters, housing a total of 21 houses, is a residence hall contains two yard.The style of the building is typical Leting constructure style in Ming and Qing Dynasties .The former residence of the building is in brick wood structure with high Jietai and black door, North and south is divided into three house. There is a 3.3 meters high wall constructed by black brick laying between the main room and affiliated room from the gate to the two side of back door. The height of the main room, affiliated room and wall is in proper proportion.The gate ,second door, back door are well-proportioned.Three yard stay together. The layout of the former residence is almost obey to the the traditional symmetry principle, but there are still some different in details. So the residence is called Yuan Yang residence. The residence is grander than its surrounding houses so it is also called Huai De house. It was one of the three famous house, the other two were Fu Zhen house and Bai Yu house. House was inhabited by both Li Ruzhen and brother Li Rubi, the Li Ruzhen family lived East Hospital, the Li Rubi family lived in West Institute, now both of them are named the former residence of Li Dazhao.
Between gate and second door is the front yard..There are three affiliated room laying in the east,which was the school of Li Renyuan, who was Li Dazhaos father.There is a pigpen in the south and a tent in the west.There is also a pigpen in the north.
Behind the second door is the middle yard..Li Dazhao was born in 29 October 1889 in the north room of three affiliated rooms in the east side of the middle yard. Cabinets board, whish Vask, a mirror of Li Dazhao mother Zhous escort the dowry are displayed in this room. The south wing is two a prescribed pattern, stood a weaving machine witch Li Dazhao grandmother and mother used. The memorial tablets of Li Dazhaos ancestors and parents and ancestral shrine are also here.The main house includes six connected house ,Li Dazhaos eldest son lived in three rooms in the east.The outbuilding is kitchen and passageway,the inside building is two rooms and one hall. The inside basically maintained the original appearance, placing Li Dazhao grandfather table, chair, bench, top cabinet, cabinet, furniture, and Mrs. Li Dazhao Zhao Renlans dowry. The western half of the yard also has three affiliated rooms and three main rooms which connected with half of the east yard,and the family of Li Rubi lived in this yard.
Behind the main house is the backyard,it is divided into two yards by a wall built by black bricks.The two yards have the same backdoor.The east yard has two east affiliated rooms and two open sheds.Li Daozhaos family used to put their grain in the affiliated room and Li Daozhao also used this room for reading and writing, so this room is called Daozhaos childhood study. Tools and sundries are stored in the shed.The backyard of the half of west yard is a small garden with no buildings.
The Li Dazhaos former residence in Leting County is not only the place where Li Dazhao grow up, but also the place where Li Dazhao and his wife Zhao Renlan got married and lived. Until 1920, Li Dazhao brought his wife and children to Bejing and rant a temporary house in order to woek and live. After Li Dazhao sacrificed his life for nation in April ,his wife brought his children back to Leting and lived in the residence where they lived together for six years. On April 23, 1933 they held a public funeral for Li Dazhao and in May of the same year, Zhao Renlan died of illness in Beijing. Later, Li Dazhaos eldest daughter Li Xinghua, the second daughter Li Yanhua with two younger brothers Li Guanghua and Li Xinhua had lived for many years in this house.
In memory of the pioneer of Chinese communism,the great Marxist,one of the founder of the Communist Party of China, The memorial hall of Li Dazhao was constructed under the care and support of the government and residents. In 23.July.1982, the former residence of Li Dazhao was approved by the peoples Government of Hebei Province to become the key cultural relics protections units in Hebei Province.In 13. Jaunary.1988, the former residence of Li Dazhao was approved by the state department to become the key cultural relics protections units of the State.The memorial hall of Li Dazhao was opened to the public and the Li Dazhao former residence administration was established, both of them are managed by Li Dazhao Memorial Hall.
All of them are called Li Dazhao Memorial Hall.
Organizational structure

Li Dazhao Memorial Hall for the vice level units, National Museum of level two, has six of the rooms.Organizations are as follows:




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